Reinvent, rebalance and redesign your world with Billi Krystal.

With our modern approach to Mother Earth’s most magical gifts, helping you to set positive intentions, practices and rituals to manifest the life you desire.

“Everything comes to us that belongs to us if we create the capacity to receive it.”

Billi Krystal offers a selection of curated crystal packs.

Designed to improve and enhance specific areas of your life. Our sizeable, hand selected crystals are wonderful conductors for manifesting and setting intentions. If you’re new to crystals or a seasoned guru, we have you covered.

‘Millions of years old, we never go out of style’.

Crystals are increasing in popularity, pulsating across the globe, as they continue to intrigue and capture the human imagination.

It is thought that Mother Earth releases new crystals into the world, when their individual energies are required. Time capsules of knowledge and wisdom waiting for us to absorb.