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Wanting to attract abundance, prosperity or good luck into any area of your life?

If it is wealth, success, happiness or anything else you desire, our Abundance pack has been crafted to ensure ‘opportunities’ come your way. Our Abundance pack contains eight hand selected crystals to assist you with manifesting abundance into your life.

Each Abundance pack contains:

* Eight curated crystals
* Eight detailed crystal cards
* Gift box

Billi Krystal Amazonite
Billi Krystal Amazonite

Average size: 59 x 21 x 26 mm

Inspiration | Adventure | Success | Empowerment | Harmony | Courage | Prosperity

We are the strong yet beautiful crystal Amazonite, characterised by our bright blue-green exterior. Known as a manifestation stone we have a knack for attracting abundance and good fortune. We are a good luck charm when it comes to competitions, business and financial ventures.  Our strong captivating vibes encourage success and empowerment, and ensure you’re exactly where you need to be in order to take advantage of opportunities. We give you the courage to speak your truth, allowing for open communication and honesty across all areas of your life. We allow you to see both sides of a situation helping you to solve inner conflict, whilst guarding against unlawful business practices and people taking advantage of you.

Healing properties/Benefits: Dispels fear, worry and negative energy, eases emotional trauma, assists the nervous system, liver, tooth decay and calcium deficiencies, clears electromagnetic pollution.

Source/History: Austria, Brazil, Canada, India, Madagascar, Namibia, USA
We derive our namesake from the Amazon River, and legend has it that the warrior women of Amazon used us in their shields to cure illness and heal wounds. We are also thought to have been sought after as far back as the 10th century B.C.

Space/Position: Place us in the wealth sector of your home or office, to enhance good fortune, wealth and prosperity (When standing at the entrance of any room, the far left corner is the wealth sector ).

Chakra: Heart, Throat

Billi Krystal Aventurine
Billi Krystal Aventurine

Average size: 45 x 30 x 30 mm

Opportunity | Prosperity | Wellbeing | Happiness | Growth | Positivity | Renewal

Known as the “Stone of Opportunity”, we are the ever alluring Aventurine. We have a reputation for being one of the luckiest of all crystal when wishing to manifest abundance, prosperity and wealth. We have a certain know how for making sure the stars align, ensuring that conditions are perfect so that “opportunity” is certain to come your way. Our winning energy makes us brilliant companions for competitions, games, gambling, and enhancing ones luck in any situation. We ooze with energy of new growth and new horizons, allowing you to advance with confidence and embrace change. With integrity and compassion, we bring out your leadership skills, increasing your confidence and urging you to step outside of your comfort zones. Infusing you with a sense of humour when opening your mind to other people’s ideas and concepts. We make wonderful lucky charms for all new enterprises and assist students to achieve good grades. Boosting motivation and increasing creativity, we encourage persistence guiding you through any hurdles life my present. Wonderful at dissolving unhealthy attachments or relationships, we protect and heal the heart. We make a beautiful companion for anyone looking for love later in life. We are magnets for attracting positivity, health, wellbeing and happiness into your life, whilst imparting a feeling of inner peace and comfort.

Healing properties/Benefits: Beneficial for skin conditions such as rosacea, juvenile acne and eczema, eases quick tempers, increases fertility and creativity. Thought to stimulate the physical growth of premature infants and young children. Assist the nervous system, heart, adrenals, lungs, metabolism and blood pressure.

Source/History: Brazil, China, India, Italy, Nepal, Russia, Tanzania, Tibet
Legend has it that we were used by the Tibetans, to adorn the eyes on their statues. This was thought to improve the visionary powers of the statues and boost creativity.

Space/Position: Place us in the wealth sector of your home or office, to attract wealth abundance and prosperity (when standing at the entrance to any room, the far left corner is the wealth sector).

Chakra: Base, Sacral, Heart, Spleen

Billi Krystal Blue Apatite
Billi Krystal Blue Apatite

Average size: 66 x 18 x 20 mm

Manifestation | Abundance | Communication | Motivation | Willpower | Humanitarian

Known as the gemstone of motivation and abundance, we are the ever ambitious Blue Apatite. Renowned for our manifestation and inspirational qualities, we enhance creativity and revive the inner self. Skilled in time management, we are helpful for all work projects and make a great ally for business consultants, and assist during unemployment by helping you find substitute work.  Wonderful advocates for public speaking and group communication, we assist with memory and concentration, also making us a great crystal for educational purposes. Brilliant at motivating, we boost your energy levels, ensuring you following through and accomplish goals and projects. We remove confusion and negativity to enable you to tap into your mind so you can experience personal growth. A wonderful gemstone to explore karmic patterns due to our skill at connecting the future with the past, and our spiritual side may assist with psychic abilities.

Healing properties/Benefits: Supports the immune system, strengthens muscle tissue, heightens motor skills, helpful for hyperactive and autistic children, calcium absorption, eases irritability and emotional exhaustion. Assist with joints and arthritis, metabolic rate and suppresses hunger.

Source/History: Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Norway, Russia, USA
Our name, Apatite, is derived from the Greek word meaning “to deceive” due to the variety of colours and formations in which we occur, it makes it easy to confuse us with other crystals.

Space/Position:  Place us in the wealth sector of your home or office, to enhance good fortune, wealth and prosperity (When standing at the entrance of any room, the far left corner is the wealth sector ).

Chakra: Third eye, Throat, Base

Billi Krystal Citrine
Billi Krystal Citrine

Average size: 48 x 30 x 38 mm

Abundance| Prosperity | Cleansing | Energizing | Creative | Wealth | Happiness | Success

The bearer of all good things, we are Citrine, the superior stone of manifestation. Revered for our prosperity amplify vibes, we inspire generosity as well as increasing and maintaining wealth. Our energies awaken creativity and imaginations, supporting the process of transforming dreams into reality. Stimulating your mind and embracing your skills and talents. Assisting in all money-making ventures, we are very beneficial when financial acumen is required and bolster commercial success. With our warm energising vibes, we clear the mind and encourage fresh starts and new beginnings. Our bright energy is wonderful for elevating depression, instilling optimism, raising self-confidence and imparting a positive attitude. We encourage generosity, gratitude and joy, and prompt you to share what you have in life. Great for interpersonal relationships, we level out problems within families and the workplace and help provide solutions and create unity.

Healing properties/Benefits: Assists with digestion, blood, thyroid, hormonal and immune systems. Beneficial for combating chronic Fatigue Syndrome and degenerative diseases and Alzheimer’s. Balances hormones and can reduce hot flashes and fatigue. Can ease symptoms associated with nausea, morning sickness, and vomiting.

Source/History: Congo, Brazil, France, Madagascar, Russia, Uruguay, UK, USA
Our name is derived from the French word citron, meaning lemon. Legend has it we were used as far back as 300B.C by the Greeks as a gemstone.

Space/Position: Place us in the wealth corner of your home or office, to attract wealth abundance and prosperity (when standing at the entrance to any room, the far left corner is the money corner). Place us in the cash register to promote cash-flow, and abundance for your business. Carry a piece of us in your purse or wallet to attract money and stop excessive spending.

Chakra: Sacral and Crown

Billi Krystal Desert Rose Gypsum
Billi Krystal Desert Rose Gypsum

Average size: 37 x 34 x 43 mm

Prosperity | Protection | Purification | Mental Clarity | Confidence | Mother Earth

With our beautifully formed petals moulded by wind, sand and water, we are the stunning Desert Rose Gypsum. Formed in desert regions throughout the world, we are thought to be an incredibly lucky stone, bringing the energies of both the sky and earth together. We freshen up any space by dissolving tension and negativity. Aiding in releasing self-imposed negative belief patterns and thoughts, we remove blockages that interfere with your growth and progress. We make shrewd business partners, increasing your confidence in important decision making, and bring prosperity to your endeavours. Boosting your intuition, we give greater insight into guiding you down the most lucrative paths and which move to take next. We bring balance to your world, enabling you to enjoy your life whilst working diligently to achieve your financial goals. We pump up motivation and eliminate any stagnation in your life, making it easier to pursue your dreams and ambitions. A wonderful relationship stone, we help to give and receive love and control emotional outbursts. Increasing your self-worth and self-confidence, we also strengthening your relationships by activating peace and harmony between people. Instilling you with hope and perseverance, ensuring you always remain positive, no matter how challenging life can get.

Healing properties/Benefits: Assist with lactation, epilepsy, osteoporosis, connective tissue, flexibility, bones,

Source/History: Australia, Morocco, Mexico, Middle East, Saudi Arabia, USA
Legend has it has it that each one of us is blessed with a spirit guardian, making us powerful talisman. It is thought that we posses the power to remove negative energy from people and places, returning the negative energy back to Mother Earth to be healed.

Space/ Position: Place us in the wealth sector of your home or office, to attract wealth, abundance and prosperity (when standing at the entrance to any room, the far left corner is the wealth sector). Or position us in the bedroom to bring you closer to your partner.

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Billi Krystal Malachite
Billi Krystal Malachite

Average size: 39 x 25 x 28 mm

Transformation | Abundance | Healing | Power | Commitment | Forgiveness

With our mesmerising rich green tones, we are the spiritually inviting gemstone, Malachite. As a protective stone we absorb negative energies, pollutants and all types of radiations. Creating a barrier against negative energy and misfortune whilst attracting abundance and positive energy. Considered a stone for merchants, we impart unwavering confidence and support calculated risks where financial decisions are concerned. If starting a new business venture we assist with finding creative solutions and new concepts, and create ways to find new opportunities. Removing any barriers that are keeping you from achieving your goals. A gemstone of personal growth and transformation, we offer guidance and wisdom during significant changes in your life. With the ability to draw out deep feelings and subconscious thoughts, we remove outdated patterns and coach you on taking responsibility for your actions, feelings and behaviour. We are a wonderful gemstone to tune in to spiritual guidance and have heart healing energies to open you up to unconditional love.

Healing properties/Benefits: Beneficial for stress, insomnia, shyness, travel sickness, vertigo, arthritis, cramps, childbirth, female reproductive organs, optic nerve and eyes.

Source/History: Australia, Chile, Congo, Germany, Mexico, Romania, Russia, USA

Space/Position: Place us in the wealth sector of your home or office, to enhance good fortune, wealth and prosperity (When standing at the entrance of any room, the far left corner is the wealth sector ).

Chakra: Heart, solar plexus, base, sacral

Billi Krystal Pyrite
Billi Krystal Pyrite

Average size : 32 x 27 x 38 mm

Abundance | Success | Prosperity | Vitality | Positivity | Manifestation | Strength

Fascinating to look at, we are the incredible gem Pyrite. We transmit vibes of strength, happiness and vitality. A super tool for manifesting, we bring abundance, success and prosperity to all areas of one’s life. With our powerful protection ability, we guard against pollutants and ward off negative energy, encouraging emotional and physical well-being. Our masculine energy brings action, strength, vitality and hones in on your ability and potential. Inspiring the flow of new ideas, we fill you with the confidence and perseverance to carry things through to fruition. Creating a positive outlook, we help one see beyond the facade, and reflect the truth and facts that are hidden from us. We impress a feeling of confidence in men’s masculinity when feeling inferior and expand women’s self-worth and overcome feelings of inadequacy. We awaken the qualities of commitment, ambition, leadership and persistence and are an ideal stone for managers, students and anyone in the workplace looking for a promotion. With our energetic vibes, we encourage physical and emotional well-being and bring abundance and prosperity.

Healing properties/Benefits: A great shield against environmental pollutants. Protective stone for medical staff and carers useful for fighting colds, flu and other viruses. Reduces inflammation and fevers, assists with skin diseases and fungal infections. Thought to increase oxygen supply to the blood, bones, strengthen the circulatory and respiratory systems. Helps prevent and repair DNA damage. Stimulates endocrine function and is excellent for males that struggle with impotence or infertility.

Source/History: Chile, Italy, Spain, Peru, UK, USA
We derive our name for the Greek word Pyros meaning “fire” as we spark when struck against each other or a hard surface. Legend has it that the North American Indians considered us as stones of significant power and magic, and used us as charms and divination.

Space and Position: Place us in the wealth sector of your home or office, to attract wealth, abundance and prosperity (when standing at the entrance to any room, the far left corner is the wealth sector). We work wonders in a work environment to ease fatigue, increase clarity, and focus.

Chakra: Base, Sacral

Billi Krystal Tigers Eye
Billi Krystal Tigers Eye

Average diameter: 32 mm

Focus | Perseverance | Courage | Good Luck | Protection | Confidence | Abundance | Motivation

Known as a stone for good luck, fortune and wealth stimulation, we are Tiger’s Eye. We bring focus to one’s inner vision, sharpen your senses, bring attention to detail and prepare you for positive change. Brilliant allies for new start-ups, entrepreneurs and students, we boost you with determination and confidence to sell new ideas in the market place and present new concepts in business meetings. Cheer leaders for integrity and promoting the correct use of power, we aid in clarity of visions and achieving goals. We make wonderful assistants when decision making is concerned, we unblock creativity, infuse trust and help you achieve realistic goals. Where differing opinions may arise in the home or the workplace, we ease tensions by infusing practicality and balance. Enhancing the senses, we bring insight and awareness into unfamiliar situations and places, whilst blocking negative intentions of others. We make wonderful support pillars during times of intense decision making, cohesively piecing together information enabling you to have a better overview of the situation. A powerful manifesting crystal, we help intensify your intentions and bring good luck and abundance.

Healing properties/Benefits: Aids in sinus congestion and vision problems, balances emotions, depression and fatigue. Reduces cravings for unhealthy foods, cigarettes, alcohol and prescription drugs. Assists with mental disease, personality disorders and self-worth issues.

Source/History: Australia, India, Mexico, South Africa, USA
History has it that the Ancient Romans wore us on the battlefields for protection and good luck, and we were thought to impart laser vision focus.

Space/Position: Place us in the wealth sector of your home or office, to attract wealth, abundance and prosperity (when standing at the entrance to any room, the far left corner is the wealth sector). We increase clarity and the willpower to succeed.

Chakra: Solar plexus, Third eye



The information provided is metaphysical in nature and is not to be used as a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice.