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Wanting to attract love? Whether it be in the form of finding new love, enhancing an existing relationship, rediscovering love for oneself, or mending a broken heart. Our love pack contains eight hand selected crystals to resonate with your heart.

Each crystal has been carefully chosen based on its power to assist with your intentions on all heart related matters.

Each Love pack contains:

* Eight curated crystals
* Eight detailed crystal cards
* Gift box

Billi Krystal Amethyst
Billi Krystal Amethyst

Average size: 30 x 38 x 59 mm

Transformation | Protection | Meditation | Balance | Peace | Selflessness

With our high spiritual vibration and protective abilities, we are the incredible powerful stone, Amethyst. We encourage love of the divine and promote selflessness and spiritual wisdom. Known as a phenomenal stone for spiritual insights, we have the ability to still the mind and increase contentment in one’s life. We remove all negative energies and attachments, keeping your body centered and your mind clear. We are the gemstone associated with the month of February, the stone of St. Valentine and faithful love. Often referred to as the “couples stone” we bring faithfulness to lovers and help maintain long and committed relationships. Our skill at tapping into the higher mind enhances passion, creativity, imagination, intuition and aids positive thought patterns. Brilliant allies for business, we increase intellect, focus, success, and assist in shrewd business deals. For those wanting prosperity and luck we reduce the temptation to overspend, ward off unwise business deals and investments, and curb gambling additions. We help process new ideas, creations, and putting thoughts into action to bring dreams to fruition.

Healing properties/Benefits: Calms anxiety and balances the subtle endocrine system, regulates hormone production. Opens the third eye and clarifies spiritual vision. Useful in overcoming addictions and alcoholism, helps dispel anger, fear, rage and anxiety. Balances emotional highs and lows, relieves stress and strain. Enhances memory and improves motivation. Supports people and loved ones about to make the transition through death, helping you come to terms with your loss.

Source/History: Worldwide
We derive our name Amethyst from the Greek word amethystos meaning “not drunk”. Legend has it that the Ancient Greeks and Romans drank wine from goblets studded with us to ward off overindulgence, addiction, and to prevent one from becoming drunk.

Space/Position: Place us in the bedroom to reduce anxiety-related insomnia. Use us throughout the home or office to remove negativity from any area and to ensure a tranquil environment.

Chakra: Third eye, Crown, Higher Crown

Billi Krystal Chrysophrase
Billi Krystal Chrysophrase

Average size: 33 x 55 x 76 mm

Trust | Love | Abundance | Joy | Optimism | Compassion | Forgiveness | Opportunities

You won’t be able to resist our mesmerising bold green exterior, our interior is just as impressive and is loaded with magical manifesting properties for you. Known as Chrysoprase, we delight in lifting up the heart to receive infinite love and abundance. We are the support pillars for love and relationships, especially if you battle with co-dependency. If you are single and looking for love, we help attract new love into your life. We are promoters of self growth, inspiring solid commitment and encourage fidelity in relationships and business. Our vibrational pulse attracts divine truth, happiness, joy and feelings of love and forgiveness. We have a knack for drawing out unknown talents and sparking creativity, and a reputation for attracting success and prosperity in new enterprises. Opening you up to your surroundings and enabling you to create new and intellectual approaches, whilst achieving great personal insight. We turn your negative emotions into positive ones, and bring harmony, internal peace and contentment. Pumping up your self-confidence, we also combat emotional imbalances, depression, help to heal broken hearts and mend relationships.

Healing properties/Benefits: Enhances fertility, aids gout, eye problems, mental issues, releases emotions. Wards off nightmares and helps with peaceful sleep, aids in relationships. Soothes central nervous system and helps with the balancing of hormones. Recommended for childbirth, especially labour pains.

Source/History: Australia, Brazil, Russia, Poland, Tanzania, USA
Legend has it that thieves would call on us to make themselves invisible, and in medieval Europe we were worn to attract money and ward off nightmares.

Space/Position: Position us in the love and relationship sector of a room (when standing at the entrance of any room, the far right corner is the love and relationship sector). Place us by your bed at night to speed up healing and to ward off nightmares.

Chakra: Sacral, Heart

Billi Krystal Clear Quartz
Billi Krystal Clear Quartz

Average size: 47 x 26 x 34 mm

Healing | Transformation | Energy Transmitter | Soul Cleanser | Manifestation | Inspiration

Known as the “Supreme gift of Mother Earth”, we are Clear Quartz. Although clear in appearance, once we capture light we can project and sparkle every colour of the spectrum. It’s our unique properties such as the ability to be programmed, store memory and amplify energy that make us the most adaptable stone for healing, meditation, past life regressions, attracting love, prosperity and abundance. So magical are our abilities we can amplify whatever positive energy or intentions that you program us with. Enabling us to accelerate the fulfillment of your manifestations and goals, along with increasing healing and spiritual growth. Thought to be the master of all healing crystals because we can amplify the energies of other stones, and clear them of stagnant energy. Wonderful at opening paths for communication and increasing energy levels, creating harmony within environments and people. Capable of increasing levels of patience and determination, we reduce feelings of negativity, encourage positive vibes, enhance awareness and improve perceptions. Infused with purpose, we are incredibly helpful if you’re feeling lost or lack direction. We help you acknowledge the potential you have to offer.

Healing properties/Benefits: Master healer for any condition, enhances energy, cleanses organs and immune system. Promotes spiritual awareness and personal growth. Detoxifies the emotional field and balances the mind.

Source/History: Worldwide
Legend has it that the Native Americans referred to us as the brain cells of Mother Earth. Ancient civilisations believed we were alive and would take a breath once every hundred years, and certain cultures thought of us as incarnations of the divine.

Space/Position: Place us in any room of your home or workplace to emit loving and healing vibrations. We will restore all areas and environments energetically, filtering against negativity and amplify manifestation energies.

Chakra: All Chakras

Billi Krystal Pink Jasper
Billi Krystal Pink Jasper

Average size: 66 x 34 x 51 mm

Balance | Confidence | Vitality | Love | Harmony | Grounding

As members of the Jasper family, we’ve earned the affectionate nickname as the ‘chief of all nurturers’ for our soothing, healing and supporting vibrational energies. With our earthy pink hues we are known as Pink Jasper, magnets for attracting love, kindness and gratitude. Strengthening self love, we provide stability, protection and grounding, whilst unifying all areas of your life. With our inspiring vibrations, we stimulate the imagination to assist in transforming ideas into reality. We transmit willpower to all quests by promoting organisational skills and determination to see projects through to completion. We encourage people to be supportive, giving, and generous and remind people to work in harmony with each other. Evoking feelings of compassion, patience, and balance, we are masters at grounding people and are super effective in eliminating stress and anxiety. Capable of boosting your vitality and energy to have the courage and self-confidence to achieve what your heart desires. We emit a peaceful grounding energy that promotes unconditional love, enabling you to be more accepting of others.

Healing properties/Benefits: Assist with circulation, maintaining correct mineral content within the body, stress, electromagnetic pollution, prolonged illnesses and sickness.

Source/History: Worldwide
Legend has it we were shaped into amulets and worn by shamans, priests and kings, and were thought to be sacred and powerful protection stones.

Space/Position: Place us in the bedroom, or the love and relationship sector of your home to promote happiness, passion and harmony in relationships. (When standing at the entrance of any room, the far right corner is the love and relationship sector). Used in a work space we will bring energy, motivation and inspiration.

Chakra: Heart

Billi Krystal Pink Opal
Billi Krystal Pink Opal

Average size: 53 x 22 x 26 mm

Hope | Love | Joy | Passion | Peace | Tranquillity | Happiness

Known as Pink Opal we are the brilliant heart healers of the mineral world, making excellent companions for healing matters of the heart. With our gentle, yet high vibration and soothing pink hues, we encourage peace, love and tranquillity. Connected with love and passion, we enhance commitment and loyalty in relationships. Hold us if you are struggling with sadness, especially if you’ve been left broken-hearted. We boost your emotional body when it comes to the loss of a loved one, and aid in supporting long-distance relationships. We help to heal stress, anxiety and painful emotions allowing you to open your heart to love again. We heal issues carried over from past lives, along with pain that has been held onto subconsciously, and replace it with compassion for oneself. Encouraging you to look within and strengthen your connection to oneself, in doing so becoming stronger individuals and improving your self worth. Delivering insight and hope, we help bring back the joy to anyone who has lost their spark for life. We are magnificent stones for feeling and appreciating the love of others, and especially the love of yourself. Increasing inspiration and creativity, we are also known to bring good luck.

Healing properties/Benefits: Our beautiful Pink Opal energy can assist with irregular heartbeats and soothe the physical heart. Open one’s heart centre to overcome fear, worry and anxiety. Easing stress and allowing one to become centred and more calm. Helps balance blood sugar, female reproductive system, kidneys, pancreas, adrenals, respiratory issues.

Source/History: Peru, Australia
The Romans considered the opal a stone of love, compassion, and hope.

Space/Position: Place us in your bedroom, or under your pillow if you suffer from nightmares. We are wonderful for anyone suffering anxiety and shyness, and our vibrations help to open up the heart. Or position us in the love and relationship sector of a room (when standing at the entrance of any room, the far right corner is the love and relationship sector).

Chakra: Heart, Higher Heart

Billi Krystal Rhodochrosite
Billi Krystal Rhodochrosite

Average size: 40 x 24 x 31 mm

Unconditional love | Worthiness | Compassion | Positivity | Love | Happiness

We are advocates for unconditional love and compassion, admired for our good looks and healing energy, we are known as Rhodochrosite. The heart of our essence is all about love, self love, unconditional love, universal love and just about any other form of love you can conceive. We bring genuine joy to your life, by easing extreme emotions, diluting stress and balancing the nervous system. Capable of opening up your heart to heal old wounds, we encourage you to love yourself and others unconditionally. Embedded with compassion, we can raise a depressed mood and impart an energetic attitude to life. Our vibration is perfect for finding new love, rejuvenating existing love, and making both parties feel confident in their place in the relationship. We have a knack for attracting soul mates who help you learn necessary lessons for your higher good. Along with finding old flames that you’d like to reconnect with if circumstances have separated you. We help you accept the things in life that you wished for that did not come your way, by reminding you that what’s meant for you will not pass you by. We are powerful heart healers and are a wonderful support stone for anyone who is feeling unloved.

Healing Properties/Benefits: Assists with heart and circulatory systems, respiratory problems, stabilises blood pressure, eases stress-related conditions, healing childhood trauma and wounds.

Source/History: Argentina, USA, Uruguay, Peru, Romania, South Africa, Russia.
According to legend, there is a cave deep under the Andes Mountains where an enormous Rhodochrosite heart-shaped ancestor of ours is located. She is thought to be the heart of Mother Earth. Sacred to the local people, they keep her well protected and believe the heart-shaped boulder beats once every two hundred years. We are known as a symbol of love by the Incas who referred to us as “Inca Rose”.

Space/Position: Position us in the love and relationship sector of a room (when standing at the entrance of any room, the far right corner is the love and relationship sector). Or next to a photo of a loved one you’d like to reunite with. Give to children starting new schools or transitioning to high school and university.

Chakra: Heart, Solar Plexus

Billi Krystal Rose Quartz
Billi Krystal Rose Quartz

Average size: 53 x 25 x 40 mm

Unconditional Love | Love | Relationships | Healing | Peace | Harmony |

If ever there was a poster child for LOVE it is us, Rose Quartz. With our delicate pink colouring we offer unconditional and universal love, and are rock stars for healing any matters of the heart. Remarkable emotional healers, we cleanse, purify and open the heart on all levels to bring self love and inner healing. Capable of dissolving emotional conditioning that no longer serves you, we encourage self forgiveness, self trust and self worth. If sadness and negativity from the past are weighing you down, we are magicians at cracking open the heart to renew trust and faith. Enabling you to move forward in a new direction without excess baggage from the past. If you’re single and ready to mingle, we are magnets for attracting love and are in our element wherever romanced is concerned. For those already in relationships, we are brilliant at supporting current partnerships and creating harmony within the union. We help set healthy boundaries in relationships, allowing individuals the space to be themselves without the need to conform or change.
Our foundation is all about giving and receiving love, in order to centre the energy of love in all areas of your life.

Healing properties/Benefits: Romantic Rose Quartz attracts love, reduces tension, heart and circulatory system, aids in easing vertigo. Rose Quartz is thought to have the power to increase fertility and to protect both mother and unborn baby.

Source/History: Brazil, Japan, India, Madagascar, South Africa, United States, Germany
Legend has it that we were used as a love stone as far back as 600 B.C

Space/Position: Position us in the love and relationship sector of a room (when standing at the entrance of any room, the far right corner is the love and relationship sector). Place us next to your bed to create a loving environment.

Chakra: Heart

Billi Krystal Ruby in Fucshite
Billi Krystal Ruby in Fucshite

Average diameter: 28 mm

Love | Friendship | Wellbeing | Inspiration | Peace | Courage | Intuition

Comprising of two stones, Ruby and Fuchsite, we are sought after for our striking colour combinations and emotional balancing skills. We are Ruby in Fuchsite. We promote healing for the heart by releasing grief and easing heart break. A powerful heart stone, we bring zest, happiness, romance, commitment and joy into your world. A beacon of intuition and vitality, we connect the intellect of the mind with the heart. We are a wonderful support stone for anyone birthing something new into existence. We help establish routines and are great at organising work related projects. We help attain your financial goals by shifting energies into positive gear and releasing anything holding you back from receiving abundance and prosperity. We give you a kick of courage to move forward down fresh paths and new directions. If you have a habit of being a people pleaser, we aid in bringing the focus back on yourself and open your mind to fulfilling an emotional balance. Rock stars at healing the emotional body, easing suffering, soothing distress and bringing an overall calmness to oneself.

Healing properties/Benefits: Powerful heart healer, activates psychic ability and self empowerment, promotes vitality, assist in recovery and relief from chronic illnesses, heart and circulation, and fertility.

Source/History: India, Brazil, Pakistan, Russia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania

Space Position/Placement: Position us in the love and relationship sector of a room (when standing at the entrance of any room, the far right corner is the love and relationship sector), to ensure that you are never too far away from our powerful healing and relaxing energies.

Chakra: Heart, Crown, Base



The information provided is metaphysical in nature and is not to be used as a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice.